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Company area of Brendle GmbH & Co. KG Dettingen/Erms

Company history of the Brendle GmbH & Co.KG 

Foundation of the company Brendle

1th February 1977 – The company Brendle was founded by the mechanic master Rudi Brendle as a one-man company. At first the company´s service includes drilling and turning and later also milling.

Move to Oberboihingen

December 1980 – the company moves to Oberbohingen in a new built hall because of any problems in rental rooms. Three employees will be hired shortly, which have now celebrated their 25th anniversary.

Expansion of the product portfolio

1984 – The company Brendle begins with the production of sewer cleaning nozzles and so they get a second stand. The increase in staff is also possible, so that the company’s location soon becomes too small.

Move to Hülben

Summer 1989 – With 7 employees, the company moves into a new building in Hülben. In a very short time, the workforce will increase to 20 employees. The number of employees has more than doubled within a few months.

From the one-man company to the GmbH

1995 – After successful graduation of the two children Andreas and Stefanie Brendle, the company becomes a limited liability company. Mr. A. Brendle and Mrs. S. Brendle joined the company as managing director and office manager.

Further growth

2000- Because of the good development and the very well increases of the company an additional company building was created. This leads to the conversion of Brendle GmbH to Brendle GmbH & Co. KG.

Location – Dettingen / Erms

2013 – The constant growth and a constant need of space are the reason for the moving to the present location Dettingen Erms. The company premises have a floor space of approx. 10000 m² and a usable area of approx. 4600 m² (production / office / storage area).

Brendle becomes international

Thanks of the well-organized sales it is possible that the Brendle GmbH & Co. KG deliver its own products worldwide (!), and that makes us proud. We are also looking forward to being present at the „IFAT“ trade fair.

Current dates

Today, Brendle GmbH & Co. KG employs more than 50 people. The current distribution of sales refers to about 80% on commission processing and about 20% on the production of own nozzle products.


After Rudi Brendle, senior manager, retired from the business, the company´s success story continues. So that the company will be able to compete successfully on the sewer cleaning market and in the job ordered production in the coming years.